The infrastructure of the classified area - ISO 7.

All surfaces are derived in a manner that is easy to clean and disinfect.

There is no direct communication between the production area and surrounding outer space.

The air that is used in place of the open product is filtered through HEPA filters corresponding efficiency.


Ekip d.o.o.has been operated since 1998. with facilities in Opatija. Our core business is an injection of the plastic and mold production. The entire production is organized into three shifts and the intended market of the EU (especially Germany and France).

We manufacture a variety of products for purifying storm water (rain water purification filters, manholes), several types of spin for plastic containers, electric shepherd holders, cans and other products.

Moulding machines are of the type:

  • ARBURG sealing rates of 200-750 kN
  • HAITIAN sealing rates of 1600 - 3600 kN
  • BATTENFELD sealing rates of 8000 kN

Every year, we expand capacity by acquiring new machines. The range of injection was 1- 4000 grams, and we do from small to several million series.

In addition to injection, we make molds for injection, pilot mold to high serial mold. Construction and manufacturing the most demanding mold we solve in cooperation with German company AKOM GmbH, which has years of experience in various molds.

We are able to organize the assembly of a large number of plastic assemblies, as well as the best to solve their final packaging (plastic bags, various cartons, blisters associated with bar-codes). All other requirements we trying to meet in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

EKIP d.o.o.
Dr. Ivana Poščića 6, 51410 OPATIJA
+385 51 27 36 39
+385 51 27 36 40