Bočica s kapaljkom od 10 ml s crvenim čepom

Bottle with dropper

Height: 60 mm, 44 mm

Diameter: 25 mm, 21 mm

Capacity: 10 ml , 5 ml

  Zelena bočica s kapaljkom od 10 ml s bijelim čepom Čepovi za bočice s kapaljkom - crveni, bijeli, plavi


Bočica za sprej od 15ml i 30ml

Spray Bottle

Height: 100 mm, 120 mm

Diameter: 23 mm, 30 mm

Capacity: 15 ml , 30 ml

  Bočica za sprej od 15ml i 30ml



Spremnik za zubnu protezu

Box for dental prosthesis

Height: 80 mm

Diameter: 85 mm

Volume: 300 ml

  Spremnik za zubnu protezu


Bočice za šampone


Height: 53 mm

Diameter: 26 mm

Capacity: 20 ml , 30 ml

  Čepovi raznih boja za šamponeBočica

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Production of each product is carried out according to approved documented procedures.

Products are made of materials which possess certificates of analysis and technical specifications required for pharmaceutical purposes.

The quality system is based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

According to customer request it is possible to produce products of a different shape and color.

Quality Control

Quality control is carried out during the process and end product series.

Series of products may not be delivered before he was granted.

Control is carried out visually and laboratory, which includes:

  • appearance, color, shape and purity
  • height, weight, diameter, volume, etc. depending on the product.

Record of laboratory quality control tests shall be recorded in the appropriate form.


Sterilization of product performs Mediscan GmbH & CoKG. Products are sterilized using electron rays and received the radiation dose in the amount of min. 25 kGy. Validation is available.

Sterilization of products is done at the request of the customer.